Thursday, March 3, 2011

San Francisco Delight

Oh how time flies when having fun.....cause it definitely ain't fun times when flying! Well that is how I'm feeling after six flights in one week. I am quite happy to keep my feet firmly planted on Terra Firma for a month or two right now! And yes, I do have the sniffles thanks to the recirculated air. But was it worth the doom and gloom - Without a doubt! So, lets begin with a little teaser of the tri-city travels.

San Francisco - I heart you! As amazing as I remember it being in 1996 (I know, its a long time since my last visit but its so hard to fly over the east coast, e.g. New York, to get to the west coast). Such a cosmopolitan city with great vibes and one of a kind views. It even brought out the daring side of me...first night there and I sample sashimi which if you know me at all is one big step for anyone and one GIANT leap for Shelby!
Golden Gate from Crissy Field
But alas, my trip only got better when I woke up around the corner from the Marina, coffee run to the local and then I got to sit back and enjoy the view of Alcatraz to the right and the Golden Gate Bridge to the left - Admittedly I was in heaven with the potential people watching on offer at the Marina! Add in to the equation a bite to eat at Noah's Bagel (all this people watching makes one hungry don't you know), a little sightseeing and a leisurely stroll along Crissy Field and you have one happy Shelby on your hands. Okay, so unfortunately the one night here didn't allow for a spot of shopping which otherwise would have made my stay here perfect, don't be fretting too much on my behalf as I made up for the lack thereof at a later stage of my travels (and having shopped here before let me tell you that the Macy's is great for that little brown bag experience)!

Alcatraz or 'The Rock'
So let me break it down for you...San Francisco is an amazing city with so much going on and cosmopolitan to the hilt. Is fabulous when the sun is shining and an experience when the fog rolls in. One night here will never be enough. Noah's Bagels are quite frankly emotional! The sashimi tasting I could definitely do without in the future but the sushi in this town is unbeatable. The must dos here would be Alcatraz (the penitentiary on a rock in the middle of the Bay), Fisherman's Wharf (clam chowder in sourdough is to die for and the seal watching makes for great free entertainment), Golden Gate Bridge (when in opportunities are a must), the Cable Cars (an experience...just don't hang too far out of the car), the Painted Ladies (the pastel coloured houses...think Full House) and the Crookedest Street in the World (those who suffer from dizzy spells are best advised to steer clear)!
San Francisco from Legion of Honour Museum, Lincoln Park
Was a sad day to bid farewell to one of my favourite cities but at least I know it wont be for long and god forbid those who try to delay my return!

(with a flower in her hair)

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