Monday, February 14, 2011

California Dreaming

Next little adventure is fast approaching....this time San Francisco, Seattle and Vancouver. Not half as long a holiday as I would like but I suppose life cannot be an everlasting holiday!

It has been years since I have been to San Francisco....but I will be sure to wear flowers in my hair! And it has been just as long since I graced Seattle with my presence. So its going to be a holiday of great rediscovery. And as for Vancouver, this is the first time they will have the pleasure of my tourist traits.

Everyone seems to have fabulous things to say about Vancouver so I must admit my expectations are pretty high - Don't worry though, its not like I am expecting to be blown away, but one has to have some standards right? Beautiful cityscapes and stunning scenery is what I have been told to expect but then again, it will be very hard to impress me after the wonders of New Zealand. So I guess you will all have to wait for me to share my views on my return.....with bated breath I should expect!

If anyone has any tips to share on the tricity tryst I am about to embark on please do share!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

European Weekends with Ryanair

Another Ryanair sale....another few weekends gallavanting around Europe! €9.99 one way - Get in!!!

Now, where to go first....Greece, Sweden, Paris, UK - The list is endless. Think Im going to opt for Netherlands first - This ones for you Gregga!

For all those that whinge about the airline they are still going strong so as they say - Up, up and away!


Home Sweet Home - Perth Style

Perth by night
You say Australia.....I say Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi!

 G'day from WA (said with a cheesy smile and two thumbs up no less)! So, after being so nice to my home country's "rival" NZ, I think it is time to gloat with glee at how beautiful my home is. 

Perth is a beautiful city, commonly likened to a 'big country beach town', which I agree whole heartily with (am I bias? Of course). The beaches....picture white sands, aqua water and in use year round - After all, us West Aussies don't get the nickname Sandgropers for nothing you know! Cottesloe Beach (approximately a 15-20 drive from the city centre, traffic permitting) is a must for any beach lover. Enjoy a day at the beach, walk across the road to The Cottesloe Hotel (a favourite for Sunday Sessions) and enjoy a beer whilst watching the sun set over the Indian Ocean. If you think that sounds like a great day out, be assured it sure is. Another beach of favour is Scarborough Beach, which is about a 20-30 minute drive from the city. 

Denham Sunset, WA
So does Perth have anything other than beaches to offer tourists......without a doubt! Not only does Perth offer beaches of beauty but there are plenty of activities ranging from taking a ferry or boat to Rottnest Island for the day, enjoying a picnic at Kings Park while watching the world go by (with a view of the city and the Swan River), to embarking on surf lessons or a day out sampling the local wineries. 

The city would make an ideal base for those who plan on travelling up or down the WA coast. Only a few hours' drive away is Margaret River. This region is a paradise for surfers, but more so, it is the vino (wine) connoisseurs little piece of heaven. Never rate wine until you have tasted what Margaret River wineries have to offer your taste buds. 

Twilight Bay, Esperance, WA (my personal fave)
The main tips I would pass on in relation to Perth would be to take a shuttle bus or taxi to or from the airport as Perth is widely spread out so public transport is not the most accommodating to those who don't know the city. The Burswood Casino is a great place to head to for a night on the tiles with daily entertainment on offer, selection of bars to choose from, casino, dancing etc. Also for those who prefer clubs, the majority of same are located in Northbridge, Perth city centre and Subiaco. 

I shall no doubt expand on this post with more knowledge, tips and insider secrets later on, but for now I think this gives you an idea of how Perth really should be on everyone's 'To Do List'!

Back soon. 

Perth Cityscape from Kings Park

Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Zealand January 2011 - Te Anau, Queenstown, Lake Tekapo

Having returned not long ago from NZ I am feeling the need to share the love of this Lord of the Rings landscape country! Lets start it simple....AMAZING!

The first photo is of Te Anau on the South Island. Great base for tours of Millford Sound and Doubtful Sound. Beautiful scenery, Top 10 Campervan Park great location! Expect four seasons in one day here but the breathtaking landscapes most definitely make one feel so insignificant. Little pricey for tours around here but well worth investing in such memories!

Lake Tekapo - Beautiful spot but would only require a drive by visit!

Queenstown - Favourite town in NZ by far - Mecca for adventure activities and I am thinking it may be on my list for my next relocation. So admittedly I am sure I would not partake in so many activities when living there but between canyoning and skydiving (yes thats right, my lifelong dream became a reality here) I fell in  love. All adventure sports here are very well organised. Skydive was through NZone who were absolutely fabulous. Tandem Masters professional and very personable with a touch of comedy to make you feel at ease before jumping out of a plane - Not  an easy feat! Would definitely recommend one partakes in such activities here and followed by a post adrenalin pint of beer in one of the many bars....well quite simply does life get any better? Why yes I believe it does - Fergburger is a must!

So I am sure I will be back on about Queenstown - So much to share about this little gem! Oh and Ralph from NZone - Legend!!

Over and out


Whirlwind West Coast

Planning and packing started (well almost)! California bound then on to West Coast of Canada - Whirlwind being that Im doing it all in a week! 13 more sleeps....but who is counting? Have had a stop over in San Francisco before so looking forward to a return visit. Then onto Vancouver - Have been told I am going to love this city - Any thoughts or tips to be shared please send them my way! En route via Philadelphia. Heard this is not the airport of choice but needs must I am ready to put on the sneakers and dash to my connecting flight - But will I have time for a quick coffee stop is what I am more worried about! Priorities!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Limone, Lake Garda, Italy - 2010

Little snapshot of Limone, Lake Garda, Italy - Preview of a few tips to come

New Chapter Begins

Shelby in the building......well actually the truth is in decision mode trying to plan my next big jaunt! You see, not only will I share my worldwide adventures BUT tips on the must do and then the avoid at all costs!! What makes me an expert in the area of travel - Simple....I'm not! But I have travelled a lot and now its time to share the experiences and hopefully help other 'Wannabe World Travellers' take the plunge and enter the unknown with a little help, just as I needed to start my adventures. So, with that said....Im back to drawing board of my next adventure, so as they this space!